Do you need additional learning support or daycare?
I teach EYFS, KS 1, 2 & 3, GCSE ENGLISH & MATHS, SATs prep, 11+ and Piano. £28 an hour Tutoring/£5 per child per hour Childminding.
Contact me at childcare@shoeboxcafe.co.uk or tuition@shoeboxcafe.co.uk or click on my Tutoring/Childminding page below for more information.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Private Tutor, Corsham, Box, Melksham, Chippenham, BOA, Wiltshire

Private Tuition - (Corsham, Box, Melksham, Chippenham, Bradford-On-Avon) Wiltshire
Primary KS 1&2 and KS3 ENGLISH, MATHS, Piano & Music Theory and more...
Phone Miss Samantha Rix on 07563862808 or
Email: missrixteach@gmail.com
£28 per hour pp
Group Rates - Contact me for more information on group rates.
GCSE, A Level support in Art - £30 per hour
N.B I offer a 15% discounted hourly rate if students travel to my address in Corsham.
Bachelor of Education Degree with 12 years experience, CRB checked, Public Liability Insured and fully registered on First Tutors, TutorHunt and a member of Home-School Tutoring's Team in Wiltshire.
A bit about me...
I am a Primary School Teacher currently at Bathford CE Primary School, near the beautiful city of Bath. I offer tuition to students in my local area which I love. I offer support in Primary KS 1&2 and Secondary KS 3 ENGLISH, MATHS and SATs preparation. I also teach Piano Lessons & Music Theory, Grades 1-5 from Age 7 to Adult. It's never too late to learn something new! I am very passionate about helping children or adults with particular learning difficulties and perhaps those with emotional needs. Therefore, I am currently studying a Diploma is Child Psychology and offer a Personal, Social and Health development course primarily taught through creative craft activities.
I hold a Bachelor of Education degree in Primary Education, specialising in English. I have been teaching in a variety of primary schools, both in the UK and Internationally (Asia) for the past 12 years. Over the years I have offered private tuition to support pupils in need alongside my regular teaching jobs. I enjoy both classroom and private one to one, small group teaching and have taught over 500 children. My favourite subjects are Art & Music. I have recently become a new mum and thoroughly enjoy learning every day with my son. Motherhood is simply amazing!
I grew up on Dartmoor and loved running about in the fields, climbing Tors and collecting stones in rivers. I once caught a trout when fishing which my father sold in his pub as dish of the day! I attended Torquay Girls Grammar School, completing English, Art and Geography A levels. At the same time I completed grades in music for singing, piano, flute and clarinet. I also loved Drama club, cookery and textiles classes. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, so I completed my BEd at Plymouth University. In my spare time now as an adult, I enjoy painting and making jewellery or crafts for fun and I often publish my art here online. I have always loved travelling and was fortunate to see many places during my childhood.
Once I had taught in the UK for a few years, I decided to embark on my own travels and teach abroad at the same time. I worked in a British International School in Penang, Malaysia for 3 years. I met an extraordinary group of people from all areas of the globe. I had a fantastic time. Whilst out there I visited many other places. My favourites were Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Cambodia. 
Key skills and responsibilities I have had during my career on top of classroom teaching so far have been; Literacy & Assessment Co-ordinator, IPC International Primary Curriculum Developer, Thinking Skills Trainer, Art Leader, PSHE Personal Social and Health Education leader, pastoral care and I've lead staff training and parent workshops in Reading, Writing, Maths and Art.
I adore my job which is why I dedicate myself to supporting students at home, outside of school hours. Sometimes, we just need a little bit more help and practice. 
Tuition information...
All the lessons I provide are tailored to your specific learning needs. I offer an initial assessment introduction lesson for every new student. During this lesson, we build a personal development plan for future lessons. If after this first lesson, you wish to continue, I then sell each student a block of lessons worth 10 hours of tuition, which is paid in full at the end of the first hour. This advanced payment secures your future booking slots and the commitment to continue. During all lessons, feedback is provided to ensure confidence and knowledge of how my students can achieve their goals. At the end of each block of lessons I will complete an assessment review in verbal and written form to highlight successful progress and next steps. At this point, a new block of 10 hours can be purchased if you would like to continue. Please note, the 10 hour block must be completed within 12 weeks of the purchase date. This is to ensure continuity of learning progress. Best results are seen when a student has 1 to 2 hours a week. 
I understand that at times due to unforeseen circumstances, lessons may need to be cancelled/rearranged. I operate a 48 hour cancellation policy. If a student fails to cancel a booking 48 hours prior to our arranged date, they will still be charged at the full rate for the lesson missed. I also will make sure that should I need to cancel and rearrange, I will provide at least 48 hours notice if not more. 
Lessons are offered as one to one or small groups (for KS1&2), maximum 4 children. For group lessons, I offer discounted rates to support families. Some parents find it financially easier to create a small group of students so each child can enjoy their extra support with their friends and at a cheaper rate (piano lessons one to one only). Please contact me for more information on group rates.
I offer lessons in my own home at a cheaper rate of £24 an hour. I have suitable space, resources and equipment. For piano lessons, I own and play on the new Yamaha Clavinova CLP 545 which is a fantastic electric piano. It plays and sounds like a Grand Piano with superb features providing a huge variety of sounds, recording and listening playback options.
If you would like to begin tuition with me, I very much look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your goals.
Samantha Rix
Samantha Rix Tutoring, Corsham
For more information on classes and bookings, please call me on 07563862808 or
Email: missrixteach@gmail.com
Follow me on FACEBOOK or Twitter @MissRixTeach
You can also view my Tutoring profile on TutorHunt and First Tutors with references, CRB and qualifications checked to provide extra reassurance to parents. 
Thanks to AllThePrettyThings, GreenGinger, Corsham's Tourist Information, PostOffice & Newsagents and The ArtPound Centre in Corsham for advertising in their shops. 

Saturday, 11 June 2016

LEARNING LOGS - A fantastic idea for your class!

Learning Logs

'I love doing my learning log every week. I get to choose my own research topic and I really enjoy making my pages interactive with flaps, questions and quizzes for my reader. It's so much fun!' Innuka, 8 Years Old, SCIPS, Penang.

Are you bogged down with the daunting task of preparing daily homework for your class? Do your activities allow for creativity, choice & independence? Are you setting homework daily, marking daily & feeling frustrated with sheets/books/sheets/books/sheets/books piling up on your desk, on top of your daily class work?

Learning logs are one of the best teaching ideas to inspire children to write. With a purpose, an audience and independence to choose, every child can present their ideas, thoughts and research in their own unique way. A way to improve this scrap-booking log idea further, children could present their research online by blogging either directly or by posting images of their log entry. Parents love this idea as they get to see their child's work and share with wider members of the family. 

In order to manage your work load at the same time as maximising your student's potential...start using LEARNING LOGS with your class. They allow for creativity, independence, research, variety of text-types, presentation techniques with a mixture of writing, diagrams, pictures, bullet-points, facts, questions...plus...STUDENTS LOVE & CHERISH THEM!

As requested, I have included below a short description of how to set these Learning Logs up in your class.

What is a learning log?

A learning log is a large A3 book with plain paper that your students use to complete weekly research tasks. The first task is to ask your class to design a funky front and back cover which is then protected with plastic covering. This helps the book look attractive; something your students will cherish and will last the year. These research tasks should be completed over a few days, not just in one night. This way your students have a better opportunity to complete each part of the research process in detail, overall producing high quality pieces of work as well as learning how to manage their time. 

How are the research tasks structured?

Research tasks should relate to your class topics. Ours are mostly related to our History/Geography/Art or Science units.

What's included in a research log?

TIP - It is also useful to provide your students with a short task sheet outlining their objectives and research choices when setting the task. This way, they can remember at home and parents will also know what is expected.

What makes a learning log successful?

Teach your students how to complete a successful learning log by sharing your expectations with them.

Communication to parents

In order to get the best out of your students and the time given at home, send a letter to your parents explaining the structure of this task. Something like this...

Peer & Self Assessment Opportunities

The best part of this task is watching and listening to your students sharing their research with their peers. We spend a lesson sharing our research tasks with each other every week. They love having this opportunity to shine and feel proud their efforts. After they share their work, they work in pairs to peer evaluate each other by providing constructive feedback. Take a look at some our feedback framework options below...

"Definitely one of the best things I've done in 20 years. There they all were, these little Y2s, on the playground at 8.45 yesterday comparing work they'd done over the weekend!''

Quote from a teacher contributor from http://www.learninglogs.co.uk/

Remember, there are many great ideas out there for making homework fun, meaningful and useful...this is just one of them! If you have another great idea or thoughts about this one...please share here as a comment for everyone :-)